Washing-instructions: "how to treat your silk"

A lot of people are afraid of silk, as they do not know how to treat silk, while actually it is very simple.
Treat your silk with care.
Like wool, or coton, it is a natural fiber.
And if you take good care of your silk, it will serve you a life-time.

However,do not bleach silk.
It will destroy the natural fiber.
Do not put silk in a washing machine.
Do not tumble dry as the yarn might break.
Do not soak the article for a long time in water before washing.
Do not rub.

So, why should you choose silk?

Silk is warm in winter, cool in summer, and very light to wear.
Silk has a high water-absorption, about 30% of its own weight, so naturally it gives great bodily comfort.
It gives you that glorious feeling of luxury and is so easy to combine with any fashion.

Silk is also ideal for travelling.

It hardly takes any space in your suitcase and silk underclothes are quickly washed and dried overnight.
Easy(hand)wash in luke warm water 40 C(105 F).
You might find it slightly creased when you unpack, but hung on a hanger its natural resilience enables it to uncrease.

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