Salt-technique on silk; it is so easy to do and such a great result!

Using the salt-technique is the easiest way to create interesting designs on your silk.
Ordinairy kitchen salt, or coarse sea-salt, even bathsalts and automatic dish-washer salts can be used.

The design you create, depends on the salt you use.
The finer the grains, the finer the result.

Put the dye on your stretched silk (the best results are from stretched silks) and while the dye is still damp (not wet!!), sprinkle the salt over the silk and then......


Waiting is very important as moving the silk, will destroy the design.
It is also important that the salt has room to spread.

Letting the silk dry overnight in a bathroom or basement (because of the humidity) will slow down the process of drying and give the salt time to "create the design."

When dry, shake off the salt and iron on the reverse side.
This is to protect the iron from being scratched by the salt-grains.
Then rinse in warm water, to get rid of the salt, iron again.
You will have an amazing result, all created by you.
Good job!!

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