The following beautiful ausbrenner shawls are on sale:

Ausbrenner Shawl "Gino" 110x110 cm

Price: € 40,00 (euro)

Ausbrenner Shawl "Rose"

Price  € 25.-- (euro)

Ausbrenner Shawl "Strand" 180x36

Price € 30,-- (euro)

Ausbrenner Shawl "Lotus" 110x110cm

Price € 40,-- (euro)

Ausbrenner Shawl "Blute" 180x36

Price: 30,-- (euro)

Also the following items are on sale:

This beautiful silk butterfly is ready to be painted. 

Whatever technique you like to use, (salt, aquarel, gutta) it will give you the most wonderful results.

26x26 cm

Price € 7,95 (euro)

Also this oval silk stretched on wire, is ready to be painted.

Special price: € 5,-- (euro)