Ponge, the glorious silk

The glorious feeling of the softest silk is the best experienced when you wear Ponge.

So often we think of silk as delicate, but it is one of the strongest materials in the world. (think of parachutes).
Its flow and luster is famous, plus it is easy to wear and easy to clean.

I would recommend hand-washing with a liquid soap and while still damp, use a warm iron.
That way you'll have years of enjoyment from your silk.

The thickness of the silk fabric is indicated by numbers.
The gm stands for the number of silk-threads per square centimeter.
Number 5 stands for 20 gm.
Number 6 stands for 24 gm.Number 10 stands for 44 gm.
Number 12 stands for 50 gm.

...and so on.

The heavier the silk, the better for dresses, trousers, curtains, cushions, pillowcases etc.
For scarves it is better to have a lighter quality.

Ponge, is a glorious silk to work on. Due to its soft texture all technics are simple to do. Try using salt, or sugarsyrup or any of the other twenty odd ways to create your work of art.

By the way, salt comes in various grains. Try out kitchensalt, or seasalt, while even bathsalt or dishwasher salt can be used. It is all a matter of experiment. Dare to create!

It is easily stretched on a frame to copy or create interesting designs. This way you can use transparent Gutta, or maybe you'd like to try the silver or gold Gutta.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend Gutta water dilutable. Keep it away from sunlight, and check before you begin, whether is still flows like honey. 

Silk is not only cool in summer, but definately warm in winter.

But above all, it is a very light material that will make you feel comfortable.

The practioners of ancient medicine believe wearing a silk scarf will cure a sore throat.

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