Heliography – Sun-printing, the easy way.

For Heliography or sunprinting you need
1. silk (or cotton)
2. Pebeo Soleil (New!) or Pebeo Transparant Setacolor
3. Interesting object like a grapeleaf, oakleaf, flowers, or plastic ornaments….
4. A sunny day!

Put the silk on a flat surface and paint it with the diluted Pebeo .
Use a foam brush for larger strokes,
Put the object immediately on the wet silk,
And lay it outside, in the sun to dry,
When dry, take the object off and,
Fix the silk/cotton.

Heliography is also fun in winter, when the sunny days are scarce: just use an infrared lamp.

Iron on the reverse side of your silk or cotton, or
put it in the oven for 5 minutes at 150 C (300 F)

All Pebeo paints dilute with water.
Clean brushes with water.

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