Excellent books have been written on the art of silkpainting.
Most of them in English, although, I must say, the German literature on silkpainting is of very high quality.

I have noticed that generally, the technical part of silkpainting, (inventing new techniques) came from Germany, whereas the high quality dyes are mostly French.

In the past years, with this crisis going on, not all brands survived, but a few wellknown remained, like Dupont and Javana. They have excellend qualities and give the maximum results. You will have to look in your local craftshops to find out what brand they have.

At least over a hundred books have been printed in Germany about the various techniques.
Unfortunately, not all of them were translated into English.

It is not always easy to understand what the author is talking about, as questions cannot be answered on the spot.
And also, some authors forget that the basic information might not be known to the prospective artists.
Therefore, enthusiasm is quickly diminishing when the information is not "coming up to expectations." Which is such a pity, as it is one of the most rewarding ways to express yourself. Like all art, there are no two painted silks alike. It is an expression of this moment of YOU.

However, I suggest to take a few courses in silkpainting to become acquainted with the material. 
Soon you'll be trying the techniques I have described in the following pages, and you'll be surprising yourself and your friends with the wonderful art of silkpainting. The  flow of the dye on the soft silk will thrill you and making unique works of art is very satisfying.

A beautiful handpainted scarf will last for many years and is such a perfect gift for your friends. 

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